Saturday, 21 January 2012

Maldives - The Aftermath

I decided that I need to do a trip review for this Maldives trip. I had my most wonderful holidays here. Not because I'm spending time away from work and going somewhere that I've long yearned to. But really, Maldives has been really magical.

It's all written over me when I returned. The word Maldives seems to be singing on top of my head. I start telling every single soul of this place, at every given opportunity. Till today, one could sense my excitement when I talk about Maldives. It does seems like I've been cast with some Maldives voodoo, or Maldives Tourism has engaged me as their spokesperson. Haha, how I wished!

Anytime I would return to Maldives. Simply for the following reasons.

1) Stunning Views
You look out of your villa, your bed facing the horizon. It's unblock, 360 degrees of oceanview. Where else, can you find a place with such peace and tranquillity?

2) Clear Sandy Unspoilt Beach
The fishes are swimming up to your feet as you pace on the sandy beach. As my earlier post, I'm no swimmer. But I get to see so many living sea animals for the first time of my life (other than on the dining table or wet-markets). Suddenly, I feel like the excited little girl attending science lessons.

Every evening, I would pray that the weather would be clear, as I await the nightly ray feeding session. This is one of the most exciting part of the stay where guests would gather at the jetty, to watch blood, I mean blood from the fishes, being poured into the waters to attract the rays. Giant eagle rays would swim up near to the shore for their feast.

3) People
Expect five-star service at the five-star destination. From the minute we touched down the airport, to check-in the resort, the people, are all well-trained in rendering 5-star service. Well-versed with English, the resort service staff from all over the world, including China and Korea. We even made friends with a Singaporean girl on attachment.
Don't be surprise, we were told that 90% of the guests for these In-Ocean Villas were Mainland Chinese. I guess they really know how to enjoy life. Don't forget, they are very loaded.

The staff are all warm and friendly. Professional in their job, they need not be told what to do. Indeed, they are well-trained, and carry the enthusiasm in their job. After all, they work in such an beautiful place.

So, in conclusion, I would return to Maldives again. We all agree that although the price tag is on the high side, but, the money is well-spent. This place, is really magical. No shopping, no historical sights, no mouth-watering cuisines. Nothing, but just the serenity. One have to visit to understand.

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