Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Beachfront Villas

We were impressed. Infact, very impressed when we stepped into our beachfront villa.

The colourful and spacious villa very much exceeds our expectation. We have seen Angsana Bintan and have a certain standards in our mind. However, when we stepped into the villa, it far exceed our expectations. One thing for sure, the villas are very well-maintained. It looks new. We were told the last refurbishment was after the 2004 Tsunami. Opps, taboo word.

Facing the ocean, we are able to access the sea directly. No wonder someone could even pull their deck chair out and enjoy the shallow waters below.

Beachfront Jetpool Villa

The beach villa that we are staying is not just a beachfront villa, but one that comes with a jetpool. It's a private jacuzzi pool in the villa! 
The shower and restrooms are infact located outside. But don't worry, there's lots of privacy. Nobody would be capable enough to climb walls just to peep at you, for unless he is Spiderman J

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