Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The In-Ocean Villas

Impressed is not the word when we reached the In-Ocean Villas. We were completely blown away when we stepped into the villa.

Picture yourself in the middle of the ocean. Surrounded by nothing, but spectacular ocean views. The King-size bed overlooks the private infinity pool. People, it's real infinity pool! Not the "wanna-be" infinity pool on top of some 57th storey building, that draws so much hype.

First of all, there's no "ah pek" (aka old man) ogling at you in your bikinis. The only people who can peep at you is your next door villa neighbour, from their roof top pavilion. But who cares? You probably would be doing the same to them.
Secondly, you don't need to wake up at 7am to make sure that you don't squeeze with tons of other guests in the pool. Over here, it's all yours! You can even swim nude if you dare.
Lastly, you have the REAL Oceanview 360 degrees. It doesn't overlooks some tall concrete buildings and call that a magnificent view.

First-Storey - Bedroom

First Storey - Private Pool, Open-Air Hammock & Direct Access to Ocean

Second-Storey - Roof Top Pavilion with Open Deck

These In-Ocean Villas are probably the only 2-storey villas in Maldives. Prior to my arrival, I thought that the In-Ocean villa doesn't have the resort feel. I thought it was too concrete-looking. I was totally wrong. Everything is designed with utmost quality in mind. Even Capella at Sentosa couldn't match up to it. Needless to say, being new do have its advantage. It's only more than a year-old when we visited.

The roof top pavilion provides a bird's eye view of the entire Ocean surrounding, and the Angsana resort. Below photos are the kind of views that you get. By the way, I did not edit any of the photos below. They are shot using the foolproof dummy Iphone Camera.

It's a pity that we did not spot any dolphins or whales from the In-Ocean Villas. My friends caught sight of a school of dolphins swimming from the open deck pavilion. Hoping very much to catch sight of this, I even brought binoculars, and stare into the waters every evening.  Perhaps when you least expected it, it will appear. Perhaps, the weather is not right. Well, I guess, just no luck. *Sad*

Anyway, with such stunning views, we did not touch the DVDs that we brought here. We just spend the time staring into the open ocean. The tranquillity, the peace is all you need. During that point of time, all you hope for, is, time would just stop right there.

The only drawback at the In-Ocean Villas is that there aren't much sea animals around. There isn't much corals around, hence, not much fishes or other animals. Perhaps, it takes time for the corals to "re-locate" themselves here again after the construction of these villas. Or was it a season thingy? I'm not sure.

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