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The Resort - Angsana Velavaru

Velavaru - means "Turtle Island" in Dhivehi, the national language of Maldives.

Angsana Velavaru consists of 79 beachfront villas on Velavaru island and 33 exclusive In-Ocean water-villas. The newest addition is the In-Ocean Villas, built entirely over water 1 km away from the island and accessible by boat. In-Ocean Villa guests enjoy the exclusivity of this overwater haven and in addition have complete access to the facilities and services available on land villas.

Angsana Velavaru is located at the South Nilandhe Atoll, some 146km and a 40-minute seaplane ride away from Hulhule Airport.

Beach-lovers who love the sand, beachfront villas allows a direct access to the beach. For those who love to experience of the feeling of being secluded "in the middle of the sea", the two-storey In-Ocean Villas would be ideal.
We have the best of both worlds, with 2 nights each at both type of villas.

We were warmly greeted by the staff who whizz us through seamless check-in procedure. A personalized orientation of the resort and our villa was given. Our luggages were delivered without much instructions given. Indeed, a 5-star resort service.

Facilities & Amenities
Although one may feel that they are leaving in seclusion, as the island is in the middle of oceans. All around, it's only oceans, water, oceans. But you'll be surprised by how advance the facilities and amenities are. You get access to free Wifi in both the land and ocean villas.

Someone told me that beverages cost US$7-10 per bottle. Yes, if you are drinking soft drinks, juices. Prices of food and beverages are high. But if you are just a plain water drinker like me, you can just ask the housekeeping to refill the bottles of water found in your room. There's also coffee and tea making facilities in the room. So, unless you are very much a soft drinks, juice person, you don't need to pack drinks in your luggage. *Hint*

There's a safe for you to keep your valuables as you go snorkeling or other water activities. Don't panic, or wonder strangely when you see life-jackets in the room. They are meant for emergency use, which I shall not repeat what type of emergency it is. There's always life-jackets for loan, totally free of charge, for the water activities.

Dive Centre
The dive centre provides dive excursions to many different dive sites. Courses are available for beginners to experience divers. I can't comment much on the great dive experiences as I did not go, but I can already imagine the stunning views from the ocean..  I have heard from fellow guests that they saw gigantic rays, a huge as a mini cooper, reef sharks, so on and so on

But, to be honest, I don't think one needs to dive to admire the beautiful marine animals. The water is so clear. Almost transparent. Even from my very novice snorkeling and leisure stroll on the beach, I've already seen many sea creatures that I have never seen in my life time, except, probably in the wet-market back home. I was so excited when I first saw, and was "chased" by the moray eel.  I didn't even know how a actual squid looks like, except when being served on the dining table. Imagine the excitement I was, when I saw one in near the jetty one of the nights. OK, don't laugh at me.

We've heard so many wonderful stories of celebrities couples, "who's who" who hold their wedding in Maldives. Now, I finally understand what's the hype about. Imagine bringing your wedding entourage to a secluded island, you and the love of your life walk into a glass pavilion that's facing the Pacific Ocean. The wind blowing at you and the sun shining into your face and everyone is looking at both of you. Beyond words? It's really that Once in a Lifetime moments, that you'll be gleaming with joy, and happiness, written all over your face. How I wish I could have that opportunity.

Angsana Group of Spa is renowned for its therapy. There's no wonder why we enjoyed the massage therapy so much that we booked for 2 sessions within our short 4-night stay. There are 2 spas. One in the land, and the other in the ocean villas. Of course, the one in the Ocean villas has a stunning views beyond words. Imagine having your spa treatment with unblock Ocean views.

Scared of boredom? There are so many activities to choose from. Some activities are free, while others comes with a fee.

As part of the conservation efforts to protect the corals, water sports activities are limited to non-invasive activities such as snorkeling, night fishing and so on. Needless to say, you would not be able to find motor sports activities in this island.

I was deeply disappointed that the night fishing and sunset cruise that we were booked on, were cancelled due to bad weather, for two consecutive nights. One of my close friends came here for her honeymoon a year ago and saw dolphins. A school of wild dolphins! Picture that! And because of that, I felt a great compulsion to return to Maldives again one day. I have not seen enough of the sea animals to leave this amazing place!

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