Sunday, 8 January 2012

Maldives - The Once in a Lifetime Experience

Maldives - One of the places that we all have to step our feet on, once in a lifetime.

You may have heard great reviews, read about the magnificent views - the clear sandy beaches, the crystal clear waters, and the unspoilt coral reefs. Or you may have even watched beautiful videos.  But really. Seeing is believing. I mean, being there and seeing it for yourself.

I'm no diver. To begin with, I can't even swim.The great stories and my love for the deep blue sea, the peace and tranquillity are the motivations for this choice of holiday.

So, there we are, booked our dream holidays.

22Apr - 26 Apr 2011
It was just the very beginning of the monsoon season. Angsana Velavaru was running a promotion  - Stay 2 Nights at In-Ocean Villa, Get 2 Nights at Beach Villa free. Done Deal. Booking was done through all time Favourite agency - PriceBreaker.

Singapore Airlines flies direct to Male - the gateway city, in just 4.5hrs (from Singapore). As there's now a day flight, you no longer need to worry about spending a night at Male City before proceeding to the island resort.

Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean, just below India and Sri Lanka, (in case you're wondering where this amazing place is).

Maldives has a tropical wet and dry season. The wet season starts from May, lasting through till November, with June & July the wettest months. The best season to go is December to March, but those are also the most crowded and most expensive months.

As we will be spending our entire trip in the resort, our expenses were "cashless". We only need to pack some US$, in case of emergency and for tipping. The other expenses were either pre-paid or settled via credit cards.

Our luggage were packed with:
  • Sunblock and Sun-tanning Lotion
  • Beach Wear & Swim Wear
  • Flip Flops
  • Magazines & a book to laze and read
  • A few DVDs. Yes, we found out that there's a DVD player in the In-Ocean Villa.
  • Snacks
  • Some cup noodles (for the hungry boy)...
A note, Maldives is a Muslim country. No alcohol can be brought into the country. The customs officer will stop you if you do.and ask you to store it with them during your period of stay. They'll issue you with a slip for collection on your departure.
The good news is,  they do serve alcohol in the resort, but of course, at a premium :)

Our Journey to the Ocean begins....

1. The Journey

2. The Resort - Angsana Velavaru

3. The Beachfront Villas

4. The In-Ocean Villas

5. Food!

6. Maldives - The Aftermath

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