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Stateroom Amenities - Legend of the Seas

One of the things I worry about cruising is the tiny cabin size, and the need to squeeze four bunk beds in a single cabin.

Royal Caribbean - Legends of the Seas do not have the largest staterooms, but it is not as bad as some mass cruise liners. There again, you're on a cruiseship, filled with facilities and programs. Why do we need such a big stateroom?

My niece and I shared a room, next to another one, shared by my parents. We paid for Large Outside Stateroom at Deck 6. Outside Stateroom means there's a big window in the room and you do get sunlight in during the day. But honestly, you don't get to spend too much time admiring the seaview through the windows. At night, when you finally relax yourself in the room, it's pitch-dark.

Although the stateroom is small at 154sq ft, it still has a comfortable sofa, TV set, and coffee table.

The box TV seems really old-school. But really, would you rather cramp up in your room watching satellite TV, or go for live entertainment happening every night?

The toilet is small, with a combined shower, toilet and basin together. Well, I have tried even smaller ones in Japan, so can't ask for more.

Amenities in the room - There's a safe which locks using the credit car, a small refrigerator, and coffee or tea making facilities. Evian and soft drinks are available at a charge.

Oh well, if you are really hungry, can always dial for room service, free of charge. A service fee of US$3.95 is applicable from 12-5am.

The only problem with our stateroom was that it was near the front to the ship, commonly known as the bow. This is the most vibrating part of the ship. A number of guests, including my niece, suffered from seasick during the South China Sea route. Our stateroom being near the bow of the ship makes it worse. At times, we could feel the rocking pretty much.

Tip: When making cruise holiday reservation, ask for a cabin on the mid-ship. It's the most stable part of the ship. Also, higher deck may also mean more rocking. Don't be fooled that higher deck commands a higher pricing, hence will be most comfortable.

Every room is assigned to a designated room steward who would be responsible for our cabin every day. Housekeeping is done twice a day, with a turn-down service in the evening. Our room steward is very friendly. He would always greet us at the door, ensuring our room is taken care of. Any request would be done right away. Good service does come with a price. A designated gratuities will be paid to the room steward at the end of the cruise holiday.

The one touch that I'm really impressed, is the animal towel folding that would be placed in your room every evening when your room is being turned-down. There's a session conducted on towel folding which I will post on it later.

Can you tell what animals they are?

 Hope you guess it correctly.

A - Dragonfly
B - Stingray
C - Koala Bear
D - Rabbit
E - Monkey
F - Dog
G - Elephant
H - Swan

My favourite is the monkey and the swan.

On our last day, our room steward folded this to thank us. It's just so sweet.

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