Friday, 6 April 2012

I sailed on Royal Caribbean - Legend of the Seas!

Eat till you drop Buffet. Gambling in Casino. Retirees who have plenty of time to kill. These are the perceptions long associated with cruising.

Though I have been exposed to international cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises, Cunard, Celebrity, etc due to my previous job, I've never really given cruising much thought. It was just part of my job. Afterall, the founders of Triumph International were men. Two elderly men.

I have always encouraged my folks to try cruising since my dad is pretty well-travelled, and cruising seem a different experience and a different way to travel. All these years, he was pretty hesitant. He attributed that cruising is pretty boring. Confined to a small stateroom with nothing much to do than sun-tanning at the pool deck. More for the Ang Mohs.

These stereo-typing are not uncommon. Honestly, these are indeed some of the images in my mind, related to the word Cruising. It was not till a year or more ago, when my dad was finally convinced and went cruising with his friends and my mum. Thereafter, they have been raving about the fun they had onboard.

So, when my dad brought up the subject of cruising, I decided to join them, together with my niece during the March school holidays. True enough, it was a great experience beyond my expectations.

Itinerary - 5 Nights Exotic Asia Cruise

Legend of the Seas is one of the smallest ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet of ships. It's based in Singapore to do the South East Asia route during the Winter season, and sails off to be do the North Asia route (eg, Japan/ Korea/ China) during the Spring/ Summer Season before returning to Singapore during the Winter (November / December) period.   

11Mar - 16Mar 2012

Day 1: Departure from Singapore at 5pm.

Day 2: Cruising at Sea.

Day 3: Arriving at Ho Chi Minh, Vung Tau (Phu My Port), Vietnam at 7am. Depart at 7pm.

Day 4: Arriving at Nha Trang, Vietnam at 8am. Depart at 4pm.

Day 5: Cruising at Sea.

Day 6: Arrival at Hong Kong, China at 7am.

As this is a Fly-Cruise, our journey ends in Hong Kong and we have to make our own way back to Singapore. By flight of course! The ships would continue doing other routes from Hong Kong.  

Our Cruise Journey Begins...
(This post would be updated with links to other posts relating to my cruise journey)

1.  Pre-Cruise & Departure Logistics

2. Staterooms Amenities

3. Facilities of the Ship

4. Food! Casual vs Fine Dining

5. Activities - Live Entertainment, Shows & Party!!!!

6. Shore Excursions - Ho Chi Minh City

7. Shore Excursions - Nha Trang

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