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Facilities of the Ship - Legend of the Seas

Legend of the Seas is probably the smallest fleet of the Royal Caribbean fleet. Usually the smaller fleet is deployed for Asian routing. But even the smallest fleet can accommodate 2,000pax!

If you think that holidaying in a beach resort with the facilities of the pool, gym, spa, sea sports centre has more than enough to keep you occupied. Then, staying in a vessel with library, casino, pool, rock climbing, mini golf, table tennis, gym and many more will keep you occupied to the brim. Not to mention, you still have endless activities and shows that will keep you entertain. Bored on a cruise. Take back these words.

Let's start from the lowest deck.

Deck 1

Medical Facility
Open from 8-11am, and 3-6pm. The medical officer is available 24hours for emergency cases.

Deck 4

This is the most prominent place of the cruise ship, and probably the most impressive place as well. A number of signature events - Rock & Roll Night, 70s Party are held over here. Centrum is located at the mid-ship and stretches across deck 4-7.

In the late afternoon, you will see middle-age couples, doing Ballroom dancing, Cha-Cha at the lounge area. It's a delightful scene. I always thought that only Caucasians are sporting, but the Asian couples are just as more sporting. And I got to say, they dance really well. I wonder if I can ever be like them when I am their age.

Casino Royale

The casino in Legend of the Seas is surprisingly, petite compared and not crowded as what I thought it to be. Most of the clientele are Chinese. Undeniable, gambling is in the blood of Chinese.

On the first day of sailing, the Casino Royale staff provide free gaming lessons. Unable to get off the habit of checking out the casino for the seek of comparison (I don't play much, if any), I went to peep at the casino while they are conducting the lessons. Most of the guests attending the lessons are Caucasian The hard-core Chinese don't need lessons. The strange thing is, even coming from my previous work background, most of the games are very new to me. Baccarat just isn't baccarat. Blackjack also not as it usually is. Well, I guess I'm just not a real player.

That's Entertainment Theatre
The nightly live shows will be shown in this theatre. Guests can attend either the first or second show, depending on your dining seating arrangements.

Schooner Bar
This is one of the few places that I never really set my foot on, except just passing through it. This is a good place for quiet drinks and chats with friends. Some of the activities such as Origami Class and simple games are conducted here.

Deck 5

Pursers Desk & Shore Excursions Desk
Pursers is just like the front desk of the hotel. Any enquiries or assistance required can be directed here. You can get your seasick pills from the Purser's Desk as well.

Shops Onboard (Boutiques of Centrum)
I was pretty surprised that the shops at Centrum was actually not too bad. Most are girlie stuff including jewellery, scarfs, watches. Swarovski sale is also on.
Duty-free alcohol could be purchased. However, you won't get to drink it onboard. This is one of the rule about purchasing duty free alcohol. After the purchase, the crew will safe keep for you till the last day of disembarkation.

There's always $10 shopping sprees. Have to look out for the timing on the Cruise Compass. It's a sale, where they put up tables, selling everything at US$10. Hats, watches, scarfs, jewellery are common items. I got a dinner bag. It's only US$10, and I used it for during the formal dinner night since I did not bring any nice dinner bag. It's old-styled, but who cares?

Anchors Aweigh
Activities such as the Captains Cocktail Party, line dancing and games are held here.

Desk 6

Photo Gallery

Professional photo-taking is part of the cruise experience. Choose a moment that you'll like to remember - formal diner, captain's cocktail, boarding the ship, the professional photographer will be there. During activities or programs, the videographer would also be recording down these special moments. I thought the price was pretty much of a ripped off, with each photo costing US$19.90. Of course, you can buy a bundle package which is value-for-money. But, do you really need 5 professionally-taken photos if you are just travelling with your family?

Deck 7
Want some quiet time? There's a wide selection of books in the library.

Card & Mahjong Room
A favourite gathering place for families or friends travelling together. Guests are able to rent card games or mahjong and play over here.

Deck 8

Royal Caribbean Online (Internet Zone)
We can still get in touch with the world. There's satellite Internet. However, the charges are pretty exorbitant.  I can't remember exactly how much, but it's by 10-15mins block.

Deck 9

Fitness Centre, Spa & Salon
The Fitness Centre & Spa is opened daily from 8am -10pm. Work out on the machines facing the ocean.

Spa and Massage packages are not cheap either. I won't pay US$120-$150 for a 50min facial, nor US$200 for a 75minutes massage. Spa in Singapore isn't cheap, but this is definitely a ripped off.

Fancy Teeth Whitening, Waxing, have your hair or your nails done? These services aren't cheap as well. But well, if lady luck is shining on you at the Casino and you make a pile, why not pamper yourself?

Pool Deck
The pool is my favourite hang out place. There's so much to do. Other than joining the crowd for sun-tanning, my favourite activity is just sitting at the pool deck, having my favourite ice-cream and people watching.

late afternoon. Notice their coordinated colour outfit everyday.

My folks are afraid of the sun and prefer the indoor pool. Much as it is indoor, the pool is still seawater.
The jacuzzi here is heated though and it's my favourite pool as it's less crowded compared to the main pool.
Although it's sheltered, the sun rays do shine through and gets pretty scotching hot during the day.

Snacks such as fries, pizza and hotdogs are available throughout the day at the Solarium.

Deck 10

Rock Climbing
Don't be surprised. Kids are usually the ones that are gamed for rock climbing. I saw this young girl, probably about 5-6 years old completing all the three course. Adults actually fared much worse.

Mini Golf 
It's a 12-hole mini-golfing area. But to me, it's more of a putting green then a golfing green. Equipment is provided.

Jogging Track
The jogging track encircles the circumference of the ship.

Enjoy the breeze while jogging on the highest outdoor deck of the ship.

Does anyone know what game this is? I have no idea but I saw a young family playing it.

Adventure Ocean (Kids Club)
There are activities for the kids of different ages.
From the Royal Babies and Tots (aged 6-18 months), to Adventure Ocean Club (age 3-11),  teens, there are activities packed.

Parents can even dropped off their kids during the day time or evening to have some private time on their own.

Video Deck
This video deck do not use tokens, or coins. Instead, guests need to purchase arcade card with credits using the Sea Pass card.  

Deck 11

Viking Lounge 
This seems to be my dad's favourite chill out place. He can just sit there and read the papers the entire afternoon.

Feel that you will get lost around the ship with so many facilities and places to explore? Fear not. First time cruisers can join the Ship Tour conducted by the Cruise Director's Staff. I was really curious to check out the places, so I joined the tour, which was pretty informative.

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