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The Villas - W Retreat & Spa

As my previous post, deciding on the resort to stay this trip wasn't easy. We did a lot of research, read reviews and watch YouTube videos before making the decision. We were WOW by many beautiful resorts in Maldives. But ultimately, W emerge as our choice.
We had wanted to stay 2 nights in Beach and Ocean Villa as we want to experience both the clapping waves of the sea, and the direct access into the ocean. However, circumstances did not allow it to happen. So we decided on the Ocean Villas. 

The Villas in W Retreat are modern, yet embracing the Maldivian style of thatched roof, tucked in a quiet secluded island. There are about 50 Ocean Villas (Ocean Oasis) and 28 two-storey Beach Villas (Beach Oasis).

Ocean Villas
The villa is spacious at 1,572sq ft (146 Sqm), with a outdoor deck area and a separate bath area.

We always peep through this glass section of the floor at the lounge area to see if there's any chance of fishes swimming by. We spotted a few, especially at night, there's always 2-3 orange-coloured fishes. Sometimes, the wave is strong and it's difficult to spot any movement below.

Someone we spoke to, told us that the white corals below or around the villas are actually dead corals. Some are re-growing, but it will take a years for it to. Nevertheless, we spotted beautiful fishes, rays and even a school of squid swimming outside the villas.

Did you manage to spot the fish below?

The bath area, with a bath tub, and separate shower and toilet. The water running on the rainforest shower is really strong and I like that feeling. We don't even experience such water pressure in Singapore!

From the lounge area, you can enjoy views of the deck area.

And of course, we all love the sun-deck area, especially with the round-shaped sofa and outdoor lounge area.

The photos speak for itself right? Do we need to say anything more?

Direct access to the sea via steps down from the sundeck.

I love the room amenities, which are all carefully chosen and though of. We can brew our own cup of coffee from the Nespresso, or mix our own cocktail in the villa.

Otherwise, we can choose our selection of wine from the wine cellar.

I love the Bliss Toiletries that are being used. In fact, I love the Lemon Sage so much that I am determined to return to the Sephora shop in Singapore to buy it. Hopefully they still sell the Bliss range of products despite the closure of Bliss Spa in Singapore last year.

The Bose System in the Villa is one thing that made me reluctant to leave the villa. I really love the sound system. Speakers are also fixed at the sun deck and you can chill out at the pool area with great music. So much so, that I bought the CD. Papa Snew *shakes head*.

The room is being made-up twice. The evening turn-down service is always completed with fresh towels, and the program sheet for the next day. Of course, if we need anything extra, we can always dial Whatever, Whenever.

Beach Villas
We requested to have a look at the Beach Villas as we did not have the opportunity to stay in one. The occupancy rate was full almost every night. On our last day, just before departure, the guy at the reception counter recalled our requests and show us the Villa.

The good thing about Beach Villas is the direct access to the beach. I would recommend that guests staying at the beach villas to request for villas between the Away Spa and Fish Restaurant. We were told that this is the part where the corals are remain untouched during the construction. The best place to snorkel around.

The room looks pretty similar to the Ocean Villas.

The shower and toilet is at the back instead. The bath tub have the outdoor feel though.

For the sundeck, it's private as trees are planted in front of villas, giving the guests sufficient privacy, yet, have a direct access to the beach. Similarly, there's a private pool with jacuzzi.

The mirror image of two villas side-by-side. There are interconnecting villas that can be joint as 2 bedroom villas.

The second level is what makes the difference. There's a patio area with a suspended sofa. Guests can also request for the BBQ to be setup for dinner.

Honestly, I think there's no much of a use of the second-level and I don't see many guests lazing at this area. You don't really get a direct view to the sea as it's block by tall trees. Although it's supposed to provide privacy, but somehow, I feel that the trees block the beautiful seaview.

Given a choice to only choose between Ocean or the Beach Villas, I will still stick to my decision of the Ocean Villas. Well, you are in Maldives, and the advantage of staying at water villas is the direct access to the ocean. But of course, the water villas are only suitable for adults.

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  1. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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  2. This is so wonderful to read about! My fiance and I will be staying at this resort for our honeymoon in a few months. I was already SO excited for our stay, but reading this, and seeing a real person's outlook and photos makes me THAT much more excited, if that's even possible!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  3. Hi there,
    wife and I are going in MAy!
    Was just wondering about the DIY Cocktail set.
    Was it complimentary, otherwise, how much was it?

    1. Hi Justin, it's chargeable. But I can't remember how much it cost though.