Monday, 28 May 2012

Away Spa and Other Facilities @ W Retreat, Maldives

Away Spa

We were in awe of the design of the Spa when we first saw the design. The spa villas are modern, yet have these marquee-looking roofing.

We wanted a complete experience in W, so we can't miss the Spa experience. The price tag of an average 90minute treatment is about US$200per pax, a hefty price tag. However, we were comforted that the experience is money-worth. Papa Snew fell asleep during the massage despite him being a light sleeper.

The treatment room.

There's a jacuzzi pool facing the sea where we can relax in the tub before the spa session. Otherwise, we can just relax on the lounge bed enjoying the beautiful ocean view.

The corals below the spa villas are really amazing. We saw many fishes even without going into the waters. Believe this is the best place to snorkel as we were told that this part was remained untouched during the construction of the resort.

Down Under

The dive centre, known as Down Under, organises diving lessons and snorkeling trips. Check out what was their encounter this week!


Sea Sports centre, known as Wave offers a variety of equipment. Most are chargeable, except Kayaking.

Other sports including sea bob, para-sailing, wake-boarding and so on are chargeable. We didn't get to try. I guess lazing at the beach and sun deck was enough for our four days trip.


Wet is the pool area where guests can unwind with cocktails by the pool area. Papa Snew just love the lap pool and spent one of the entire afternoon here. No wonder we got sunburns at the end of the trip.

A pity that the jacuzzi is not a warm tub though.

For me, I just like to chill out with a cocktail at the pool area, while having a full access to the beach and sea view.


There's also a gym for those who would like to have their cardio pumped. A good place for the wet weather as well.


There's even a library where there's a wide selection of books and DVD which guests can loan. There's even a mobile recharge station where guests can recharge with various mobile adaptor.


The activity-area with pool table, board games, table tennis and many others in a relaxing area. Perfect for bad weather conditions.

15 Below

This is the coolest and most happening place in the resort. Opens on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9.30pm till 2am.

Of course, the W DJ who plays there during the nights.

The speciality is the presence of 95 different vodkas. I wonder who would really have a chance to try all of it.

On our stay, Resident Mixologist - Jeffery Lee from W Taipei was there on a stint. The rational was to have an Asian face to tap on the growing PRC market in Maldives. But I wonder if this was really successful, as I still do not see much Asians patronising this place or the other drink bars.

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