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Hong Kong: Breakfast at Ocean Empire 海皇 & Sea View Congee Shop 海景粥店

I have always love to eat 炸肠 in Hong Kong.

I kept telling the girls that I have craving for it. However, we are not sure where to find nice ones. The one that I know seems a bit is in Mong Kok and seems a bit far that morning. So I decided to ask the hotel concierge if there's a place nearby that serves soya bean milk 豆浆and fried fritters (fried dough stick) 油条 for breakfast.

1. Ocean Empire 海皇

The hotel concierge suggested this place call Ocean Empire Ocean Empire 海皇 that is just about 15minutes walking distance from the hotel.

The interior is contemporary design with bright colours. Different from the normal older cafe. Still a Hong Kong style, cafe we have to share tables with other guests. Sometimes it can get pretty squeezy, especially when we are sharing food.

Other than Soya Bean and Fried Fritters, the cafe also serves the usual breakfast stuff such as porridge and rice sheet roll.

Although we have a decent dose of porridge since the trip, we decided to try the porridge here as it seems to be a popular choice. The porridge is yummy!

Among the other food that we order, are Turnip Cake, Ricesheet Roll & Noodles. The Ricesheet roll that we order is the plain, with black sauce. Ms Sumo likes to add the sweet sauce to eat with it. I'm not a fan of sweet sauce, so I just eat it plain.

The turnip cakes is nice. It's soft and you don't think it's too much starch on it. Some of the ones in Singapore are usually hard and heavy. The only disappointment is the noodles. I told Ms Sumo that my mum can make better fried noodle. It's oily and doesn't have much taste.

The soya bean milk is unsweetened and you just have to add your own sugar.

Well, my favourite is still 炸肠 - they call it Twisted Doughnut Ricesheet Roll. What a funny name!

You can just order your takeaway of fried fritters and soya bean.

Ocean Empire has a number of branches in Hong Kong. The one that I went was at Yau Ma Tei.
Click here for their branch locations.

Snew's Rating: 3.5 / 5

G/F, No. 497A Nathan Road
Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon
Tel: 852- 2385 6732
Opens Daily: 6am - 1am
Nearest MTR:  Yau Ma Tei Station

2.  Sea View Congee Shop 海景粥店

Known in Cantonese as Hoi Keng Congee Shop, this is the shop in Mong Kok that I previously mentioned. I chance upon it while we were walking to Fa Yuen Street.

It's a pity that I didn't have the chance to eat at this cafe this time. I only managed to takeaway warm soya bean milk.

This is another place that I'll need to try again on my next trip. I can only remember vaguely that the food is not bad. They also have my favourite 炸肠 here! Fried fritters only at HK$9.

If I'm not wrong, they have a few outlets 海景. But here is the address of the main outlet.

Sea View Congee Shop 海景粥店
G/F, 103, Argyle Street,
Mong Kok, Kowloon
Tel: 852-2787-7330
Nearest MTR: Mong Kok Station

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